Basketball Competition 24/11/15

After an eventful  journey, we arrived at  Abraham Guest Academy. For our first match we were against St Wilfrids, we lost 2-0 but it was a good match. Round 2 we drew against Woodfield Y5. Then in round three we played extremely well as we won 6-2 to Shevington Vale. Round four was an eventful game, but as well as we tried, we drew 0-0. In the fifth round, we won a phenomenal  4-2. In the second to last round we unfortunately lost 8-4 to the overall winners, Woodfield Y6. The last round was the best we had played yet and we won 8-0, but as hard as we tried we came 5th overall.

By Elizabeth, Carys & Anopa Y6



One thought on “Basketball Competition 24/11/15”

  1. Well done on this fantastic blog!

    You all did really well in the competition, I refereed one of your matches and you gave 100% effort and showed great sportsmanship.

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