Autumn Term Fencing Club

Last year, during the Autumn term, Mr Smout and Mr Hayes held an amazing fencing club. We learnt skills that might lead us into opportunities for the future. We really enjoyed this club and our favourite thing to do was fence against the teacher. It was fantastic lunch time activity which helped us get fit and take part in more exercise. This happened every week for two whole terms and it was so much fun. Sometimes, Mr Hayes used the two of us to organise the events and give out the equipment such as helmets, foils and body armour.

By Nicole and Rhiannon, Y6

2 thoughts on “Autumn Term Fencing Club”

  1. Wow! Fencing! That’s an amazing opportunity! I bet there are very few school children who can say they get to do fencing in school.
    A really well written blog. Well done girls

  2. That sounds really good fun and an exciting way to have exercise. I have never done any fencing myself but it looks quite difficult. I hope you try some more different sports in the future.

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