Tag Rugby Competition

Tag RugbyAt our school, we have a rugby club with Mr Hayes from Premier Sports where we train once a week and practise our rugby skills. We really enjoy the training and we all work together. On Thursday 26th May our school held a tag rugby tournament were we played 3 different teams … St Mary & St Johns, Our Lady’s team blue and Our Lady’s yellow.  We won all three matches the scores were 3-0 to us ,4-3 to us on the other pitch then our last match we won 6-3 meaning we came 1st place on the leader board. We had to work as a TEAM to win. Our team captain (Coby) showed great leadership and led us to victory by guiding us through the matches. All of the rugby team worked together!

Lucy & Gracie (Y4)  

School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC)

Every Wednesday, students from Aspull Church School lead Key Stage 1 to play fun, sport related games. The SSO Crew are from years 5 and 6 and are keep to pass their leadership skills on to others. Key Stage 1 are always eager to play the fun games and we make sure that every child gets a chance with at least one game. They also try to include everyone who wants to join in with the fun. The SSO Crew are always trying to help!

Lucy (Class 5)

FA Skills Coaching

For the last half term of six weeks Aspull Church School experienced a wonderful event. Every Tuesday, Chris (Lancashire FA Skills Coach) came and taught classes football techniques. Leadership occurred every week, as we worked in teams or pairs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent time playing games with Chris. Each week, we would learn something new, from passing to stopping the ball! Aspull Church Primary School students really enjoyed the skilful lessons!

Lucy (Class 5)

Orienteering in Haigh Hall

Six 5 students were selected to orienteer at Haigh Hall Park, they were excited to have a new challenge. The students were given a map of the park and were sent to find special stumps of wood, each stump had a letter and symbol. Finding them was a quest but when we did find them the team grew even stronger.

There were 6 teams, from all different schools, some may have found it harder than others did, but each team stayed together even though they may have been behind. The y5 students from Aspull Church Primary School thoroughly enjoyed this adventurous experience. Overall, Aspull came in 3rd place.

We would love the opportunity to do it again and thank the people who organised the event.

Lucy & Ester


Girl’s Football

Seven girls were selected to play in a tournament at Our Lady’s. The girls were ready to score some goals. Family and friends came to cheer us on, triumphantly we battled on scoring more and more, we were unstoppable! Communicating with our team mates Aspull Church managed to get 1st place. We were very proud and even if we didn’t win we would still be proud of our glorious time playing with others. The Aspull girls would love to continue their hard working team to go onto more challenges.