Aspull Mile

Aspull Church Primary School is undertaking a commitment to run the ‘Aspull Mile’. The Aspull Mile is where every child completes a running, walking or jogging mile on a certain track throughout the key stage one playground and key stage two playground. Every week, kids run with their class in the afternoon. Children attend the Aspull Mile on a regular basis. Sessions happen before school starts and grandparents, siblings and parents are allowed to join at this time. The overall aim of this is to significantly reduce childhood obesity.

According to Wigan Council, 36% of children in Wigan are not ready for school at the age of 5 and Wigan Council start well, children’s locality profile, locality one has the second highest rate of overweight and has also got the joint third most overweight and obese children in year six. It was estimated that the NHS in England spent £5.1 billion on overweight and obesity-related ill-health in 2014/2015. The Aspull Mile is trying to help decrease these outrageous rates.

Let’s all make a more active and sustainable environment.

Freya & Molly (Y6)

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