Cross Country

We have recently participated in a cross country competition where we ran 2 miles across Haigh Hall. There were five schools that joined in on the run. Our school did fantastically as we won over all and we also won for the boys.  We are all very lucky to have some amazing runners in our school. The course we ran was a difficult, muddy run but we all did very well.IMG_1691


Aspull Mile

Aspull Church Primary School is undertaking a commitment to run the ‘Aspull Mile’. The Aspull Mile is where every child completes a running, walking or jogging mile on a certain track throughout the key stage one playground and key stage two playground. Every week, kids run with their class in the afternoon. Children attend the Aspull Mile on a regular basis. Sessions happen before school starts and grandparents, siblings and parents are allowed to join at this time. The overall aim of this is to significantly reduce childhood obesity.

According to Wigan Council, 36% of children in Wigan are not ready for school at the age of 5 and Wigan Council start well, children’s locality profile, locality one has the second highest rate of overweight and has also got the joint third most overweight and obese children in year six. It was estimated that the NHS in England spent £5.1 billion on overweight and obesity-related ill-health in 2014/2015. The Aspull Mile is trying to help decrease these outrageous rates.

Let’s all make a more active and sustainable environment.

Freya & Molly (Y6)

Indoor Athletics

On Monday 14th February, ten pupils from Y5 and Y6 went to Abraham Guest Academy to take part in an indoor athletics sporting event. It was great fun! There were many different activities to compete in such as:

  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • Speed bounce
  • Javelin
  • Chest push
  • 1+1 Relay
  • 2+2 Relay
  • 4+4 Relay
  • 6 lap Parlouf and many more.

Overall Aspull Church Primary School came 7th out of 16 schools. It was a great success as well as being a ton of fun!

Charlie & William


On Tuesday 28th June, six y5’s took part in a triathlon competition. These triathletes are Charlotte, Trinity, Jessica, Charlie, Harry and William. We represented our school by; swimming 25meters, pulling on our P.E kits, cycling around a track then running 400 metres. It was very tough as we had to change into our clothes when we were wet and we had to get dressed very swiftly since the clock was still ticking! Charlie came in 4th place and was just 9 seconds away from being best Y5 boy! All of the teachers where very proud of our efforts and we astonishingly won 2nd place! We all had a great time and where happy with our success!

By Trinity Y5


On Friday 24th June, six Y5’S (Trinity, Jessica, Charlotte, Charlie, Harry and William) and 6 Y6’s (Georgia, Carys, Megan, Ben, Coby and Ciaran) took part in an Aquathlon competition. We had to swim 30 metres, quickly pull our P.E kits over our wet swimwear, then run 800 meters around St Wilfrid’s school field. It was very tricky as we had to change rapidly, before running in drenched clothes! Everyone enjoyed themselves and we remarkably won overall thanks to Charlie (who won fastest Y5 boy), Carys (who won best Y6 girl) and Ben (who won best Y6 boy). We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we’re proud of our victory!

By Trinity Y5



On Tuesday 21st June a group of 10 children took part in an event called Quad Kids. To take part you needed to complete four events including nerf vortex throw, long jump, 75m sprint and 600m run. It was an eventful night and we all enjoyed the experience. Overall we came 2nd  and  well done to William who managed to come 2nd overall for the boys.

By Georgia Y6

Tag Rugby Competition

Tag RugbyAt our school, we have a rugby club with Mr Hayes from Premier Sports where we train once a week and practise our rugby skills. We really enjoy the training and we all work together. On Thursday 26th May our school held a tag rugby tournament were we played 3 different teams … St Mary & St Johns, Our Lady’s team blue and Our Lady’s yellow.  We won all three matches the scores were 3-0 to us ,4-3 to us on the other pitch then our last match we won 6-3 meaning we came 1st place on the leader board. We had to work as a TEAM to win. Our team captain (Coby) showed great leadership and led us to victory by guiding us through the matches. All of the rugby team worked together!

Lucy & Gracie (Y4)  

School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC)

Every Wednesday, students from Aspull Church School lead Key Stage 1 to play fun, sport related games. The SSO Crew are from years 5 and 6 and are keep to pass their leadership skills on to others. Key Stage 1 are always eager to play the fun games and we make sure that every child gets a chance with at least one game. They also try to include everyone who wants to join in with the fun. The SSO Crew are always trying to help!

Lucy (Class 5)

FA Skills Coaching

For the last half term of six weeks Aspull Church School experienced a wonderful event. Every Tuesday, Chris (Lancashire FA Skills Coach) came and taught classes football techniques. Leadership occurred every week, as we worked in teams or pairs. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent time playing games with Chris. Each week, we would learn something new, from passing to stopping the ball! Aspull Church Primary School students really enjoyed the skilful lessons!

Lucy (Class 5)

Orienteering in Haigh Hall

Six 5 students were selected to orienteer at Haigh Hall Park, they were excited to have a new challenge. The students were given a map of the park and were sent to find special stumps of wood, each stump had a letter and symbol. Finding them was a quest but when we did find them the team grew even stronger.

There were 6 teams, from all different schools, some may have found it harder than others did, but each team stayed together even though they may have been behind. The y5 students from Aspull Church Primary School thoroughly enjoyed this adventurous experience. Overall, Aspull came in 3rd place.

We would love the opportunity to do it again and thank the people who organised the event.

Lucy & Ester