Girl’s Football

Seven girls were selected to play in a tournament at Our Lady’s. The girls were ready to score some goals. Family and friends came to cheer us on, triumphantly we battled on scoring more and more, we were unstoppable! Communicating with our team mates Aspull Church managed to get 1st place. We were very proud and even if we didn’t win we would still be proud of our glorious time playing with others. The Aspull girls would love to continue their hard working team to go onto more challenges.

Netball Tournament

On Thursday 28th April, 8 children competed in the Aspull Schools netball tournament at Canon Sharples Primary School. The first game we played against Canon Sharples and won 9-4! The second game we played against Our Lady’s 1 and won 13-1! Then we played against St Mary St John’s and unluckily lost 3-2. Our final game we played against Our Lady’s 2 and won 6-2! Overall we came in 2nd place and we were overjoyed for what we achieved as we tried really hard.

Abbie & Megan



Breakfast Archery Club

Our super archery club starts at about 8:00am each Friday morning and finishes at 8:45am, just in time for the school day start. This archery club is excellent for people nearby to learn new and useful things about the way you load and fire a bow and arrow. You also to try and beat your team’s high score, and see if you can beat other’s high score. The record at the moment is 146 points! We all thoroughly enjoy this breakfast club.

Ewan & Thomas


Aspull School Cross Country

On the 17th March 2016, 20 young people from our school classes, y4-y6, took part in the Annual Aspull Cross Country Competition at Canon Sharples Primary School. This year we ran a different route compared to usual and tried to co-ordinate ourselves to the front by cheering each other on and trying our best. Our school did exceptionally well as the boys won the boys overall trophy, yet again! Everyone who participated in it had a great achievement as we all crossed the winning line in a great place. This had a fantastic impact on all the runners as they were very proud after the race. Every school was organised, especially our school as we had bought new bibs for our boys and girls to run in.
Anopa & Carys Y6


Primary Press Conference with Rik Waddon

Rik Waddon

Today, four year 5 children enjoyed an experience of meeting the amazing Rik Waddon at Abraham Guest Academy.

At the age of 14, Rik began competing in cycling, after being inspired by watching Tour de France as a youngster. Since then Rik has shown great consistency, bringing home medals from most major competitions.

He suffers from Cerebral Palsy after falling from his bike at the age of five. We asked him a range of questions about his sport. We had a great time and look forward to seeing him in September at the Paralympics. Follow your dreams and go for gold!

By Lucy

Aspull Schools Swimming Gala

Last night (4th February), six schools competed in a swimming gala. It took place in Wigan swimming baths, where we all cheered each other on as we tried to win the trophies. It was an eventful night and we all tried our best and had a super time. By the end of the night we were the champions! We managed to win 4 out of 4 trophies! We are all really proud of our achievements!

Georgia & Ben, Y6


Lunchtime Dance Club

This term Mr Heyes from Premier Sports is holding a lunch time dance club. We are really enjoying this club and we are making a routine for ‘What do you mean?’  Our favourite part of the club is creating new individual dance moves and we are also doing dance moves in pairs. Rhiannon and I are really excited as we will get to perform this routine in front of the whole school on the last day of half term.


Nicole and Rhiannon, Y6

Just Join In

Last Friday, eight children were invited to the Wigan youth zone to take part in a range of inclusive sports such as athletics, dance, gymnastics and New Age Kurling. We all had a great time and learned lots of new skills to help us with our sports. The day also helped us with our communication skills which were needed, especially in our dance routines.

Thomas & Charlie



Autumn Term Fencing Club

Last year, during the Autumn term, Mr Smout and Mr Hayes held an amazing fencing club. We learnt skills that might lead us into opportunities for the future. We really enjoyed this club and our favourite thing to do was fence against the teacher. It was fantastic lunch time activity which helped us get fit and take part in more exercise. This happened every week for two whole terms and it was so much fun. Sometimes, Mr Hayes used the two of us to organise the events and give out the equipment such as helmets, foils and body armour.

By Nicole and Rhiannon, Y6

Winter Sportsmanship Award

Congratulations to Mason and Grace from KS1 and Daisy and Jason from KS2 on receiving our latest sportsmanship award for outstanding behaviour, fair play and integrity in everything they do.

This is a fantastic effort from these four children and they have been selected to win this award by their teachers.

Well done.